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“She was, and still is, a star, ballet’s monstre sacré, the final statement about theatrical glamour, a flaring, flaming beacon in a world of dimly twinkling talents, a beauty in the world of prettiness”. - The Financial Times on Maya’s 80th birthday.
Maya Plisetskaya celebrating her birthday on stage of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater, 2000. Photo RIA Novosti.

The One Ballet you Have To See: Review
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Sergei Polunin photographed by Brett Lloyd.

i don’t know if anyone realizes how long ive been waiting for this day i mean we cant all take them to our beds right at least this one’s sharing the goodies with all of us i mean you go guy what ballet i mean these tights are not nearly revealing enough alright im gonna rewatch that

omg i found the link oh oh god anyone wants it hha omg he’s hot i knew it, ballet dancers huh omg

Ballet school accused of kicking out dancer for doing porn


Click link for video and full article

alright now where can i watch this porn does anyone have a link

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